the compelling sleep

Noam thought time was a game people played where they forgot it was a game. Just because we’re born into a system which arbitrarily assigned a year 0 and started counting years from there, doesn’t mean those titles have validity or put another way they are only placeholders. No such thing as 1970 or 1873, because there is no such thing as a time before time. There is no objectively understood zero, like believing words are anything other than placeholders. A dog isn’t the thing it describes. It is only a placeholder for an animal with a wagging tail who enjoys licking assholes of other tongue droolers then licking the hands or faces of humans. Words are like a game of remembering the sound “dog” or “grapefruit” or “combination lock” represent physical things but are not them, a game of relay racing. It happens so fast one gets used to believing the representation-sound is the thing and 2005 is a thing but in truth just games, ongoing about forgetting and remembering. Noam wondered that it all takes place in the mind and the mind itself also isn’t a thing…is it or is it just neural activity located in a specific brain region? Does music exist or is it just noting the motion of sound? On Passover two Jews discussed how offensive was the rhetoric about God killing first born Egyptian males. Noam wondered where they were pointing. Like is any story about the Gods ever more legitimate? Was Io was never turned into a cow? Did Perseus not slay actual monsters? Noam thought the God stories like mind like language like time like music was nothing other than a way of considering wakefulness vs. sleep walking.

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