these are the daves i ordinary

dave davies doing the song strangers in five is so amazing, so casual, no big deal, nobody calling attention to it, it’s just ordinary. i forget who pointed it out to me, surprised me and not even a cymbal in the kit. often an odd meter would have an odd feel but that song you just maybe suddenly realize it’s in five which is completely separate from the fact it’s a very good 60s acoustic yearning love song at the core. i was also surprised to read he and long john baldry were lovers in the 60s. one very startling moment of my toronto life was catching long john baldry upstairs at the el mocambo. he was a staple in my record collection as a teen – and here he was in the flesh. i also read when elton john created his stage name the john part was reference to john baldry. even his song someone saved my life tonight, the sugar bear reference was a name for john baldry rescuing him from a suicide attempt. I loved that john baldry record, it was called it ain’t easy. many years later i reread the liner notes and discovered young elton and young rod stewart were part of it. so surreal to see someone live that previously was a myth in my mind and be confronted with their vulnerabilities and ordinariness. in life you learn over and over that everyone is as ordinary as you or put another way the state of being human is just that, a universal experience, myths are myths. jesus, the budda, ai wei wei, hitler, stalin, julia roberts and ted nugent all have the same experience when they eat hummus, according to ronley tepper afterward they all make little chick pea farts, no exceptions.

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