rations of visa

A couple years ago I suggested other course ideas to the people I have been working with and they said no thanks, but a few months ago after befriending a higher up who was more connected to the department, a new and open atmosphere presented itself. I was asked to proceed designing the syllabus for one of the two course ideas I previously presented. I started with the one on improvisation. I sent it in today. Maybe they’ll go for it, maybe they won’t, either way designing a syllabus is an enjoyable exercise. Originally called Explorations of Improvisation but I changed it to Rations of Visa and explained myself in the opening paragraph of the syllabus,

Brief Course Synopsis: Rations of Visa was originally called Explorations of Improvisation but it sounded so dumb, my first improvisation for the course was asking myself if I could find other words within the title, thus Rations of Visa was born. This class will explore improvisation highlighting three positions, chance, melody & stream of consciousness. These explorations draw on playmaking and the class will creatively engage with improvisational practices and histories.”

I shared this with the pedagogy class I’m in, which is part of the PhD business and the teacher was confused because she liked Explorations of Improvisation better. She was concerned my change would not make sense to the students or the faculty, I confused her even more when I admitted I do not mind people who don’t get it, this might even be my goal, a way of ensuring people like her avoid being trapped a few months with me.

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