Amazing Coincidences

DEC 2012 hey security at Toronto Pearson airport. No problem that “the machine” singled me out at random to go through the body scanner.

JAN 2013 I can’t believe it, Toronto Pearson airport.  Even though I took off my boots, emptied my pockets etc. some light went off when I walked through the detector apparatus and you say you need to search. Ok no sweat, search me.

Wow. Security next week in Winnipeg. It happened again! Damn coincidence.

MAR 2013 Hey security at Toronto Pearson. How are you guys doing? Amazing that when I went through you told me I was randomly picked by “the machine” to be checked. No sweat, glad it isn’t some kind of flag about my “surname” or my “look” or anything. I like the moustache personally.

Hey security the next day in Moncton. What a coincidence you tell me I was randomly checked to be patted down. I admire your your professionalism more and more.