mr. whittaker

There was this guy, he was from before my time in Toronto. He was a raging alcoholic which sort of scared the shit out of me except that he was also crazy about me and everything I did in Blue Rodeo. He would corner me at the Horseshoe or the Holiday and go on about music, and we did have one common love, the Kinks. But he said Sleepwalker was amazing and I thought that impossible because they had other recorded disappointments which disinclined me to follow their output any longer. It was the 60s Kinks that blew me away, however, despite all that beer or maybe because of it, he had the authority of a madman and I made a mental note to check this one day. Keith sat in with us, maybe twice. His band was known by lots of people in Ontario, the Demics. They had a CFNY hit called New York City. We performed it with him and he reminded me of every picture and story I ever heard about another Keith, Mister Moon. He died young but today was a special day, I finally put on Sleepwalker. It’s no Arthur or Apeman but I think I’ll be listening many more times. Ok Keef.

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