seeking lepechaun

It changed from heat wave to autumn overnight, a very Toronto way. Now the plants that thrived all summer will be on the lookout for sudden death of too cold. One year, when I had to leave to tour, I approached an acquaintance to look after my amazing Jade that weighted 40 lbs which I bought in Hamilton during those years on 2cnd line off Hwy 6, and the moron left it outside when frost came. Not sure who was dumber, probably me thinking he would know a plant dies from frost. I killed a lot of plants when I was younger, watered to death. Made a lot of shitty records at first too, same mistake. Recently, heard one and felt embarrassed by how much I forced the music instead of understanding the needs of the band and the possibilities of being a catalyst for their music being greater. Wait until it’s absolutely dry, only then consider giving it a drink. The Robert Priest record is almost done, it’s been a long time and many subplots. I hope somehow to find a leprechaun or magic jeanie to direct funds his way for videos to promote these awesome songs.

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