olly olly

Soon the back and forth each week starts. London, Guelph and Toronto. Hopefully, leads to some enjoyable work dreaming up ways to teach without each week driving to London, Guelph and Toronto but I’d rather be touring. A booking agent who believed in my different works and wanted to invest effort into a touring schedule, that would be very welcome, just have to sort where they keep hidden. I had an appointment one time with a guy who then had the indie artist reputation, he since moved on to being a club owner. That day he was on the phone when I arrived, motioned for me to sit and not mind him finishing the call, even told me who was on the line, Janice from the Hamilton college radio station. He made crude sexual comments insinuating she should desire him and/ or he would restrict access to other music related to her job. Why would he think following that we would ever do business together? Assholes aren’t rare, they come in all dimensions. As soon as you think it’s one way you’re wrong. Every race, religion, gender, left wing, right wing, diet and hair style. There might be saints out there too.. hiding.

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