alls well that’s orwell

The DJ on the commercial radio station explains to listeners that many songs sound similar and sometimes people accuse different artists of stealing from them – but how can anyone help it? In a nutshell she says the borders between all songs are sketchy and therefore penalizing someone is very unfair. She cites Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams and the accusation they ripped off of Marvin Gaye, and had to pay a five million dollar settlement. So unfair. She doesn’t say they earned more than 15 million from the song. Doesn’t say it was a jury trial that determined they stole much of the preexisting song. Doesn’t mention her salary comes from the corporate controlled music biz, whose family includes the machinery behind Thicke and Pharrell. Mr. Orwell was so prescient about Doublespeak, from Tucker Carlson to Adam Levine. Don’t look now but under closer inspection one might also find doublespeak from within, like between the ears. Never mind Got to Give Up – What’s Going On?

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