for when love’s gone they’ll lustre on

They did a presentation in class on Graduation Day Kanye West’s 2cnd album. I tried to reach Jon Brion to see if he would Zoom online with the class because he co-produced it and because once upon a time I played Largo in Los Angeles 3 or 4 times and it was like his home and he knew all about anyone worthy of the status to play there…hoped my name might be an old key that still fits an old door but unsurprisingly the lock was changed. The most interesting part of the presentation (to me) was when they talked about the song he wrote about blood diamonds and Sierra Leone. To their credit, the students extrapolated on African American history, on conflict diamonds in Angola and Sierra Leonne, on Kanye trying to put these things into a song and the fantastic uncomfortable moment for Mike Meyers on live television, together with Kanye during hurricane Katrina when someone didn’t care to follow the teleprompter. But what amazed me most was none of the presenters knew that the woman who’s voice is omnipresent in Kanye’s song, singing a sample that goes like this “Diamonds are forever, forever”…. none knew she is Shirley Bassey and the sample is from a huge James Bond film of yesteryear. It’s a whole other level of fun within the song that she is addressing, which was lost on them. One more amazing feature of hanging out cross generationally.

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