being shut up good

I have funny shirts. One is a picture of Karl Marx, sort of cartoon drawing of his face and a caption under it – not Santa. The guy who owns the coffee shop, originally from Cuba, asked me if it was Karl Marx, I said yes. He was unamused and lectured me on the evils of socialism. I lectured him back on the evils of people regardless of which system in place. He would have none of it. Usually he talks about his guitar playing or the diamond shape he makes with his hands when doing his anti-flab push-ups, but this time our man talk veered into interrogation. Have you read Das Capital? Yes I took a course on it not long ago and explained I think Marx was acting/ writing like an alien who landed on Earth that’s trying to understand why people believe in money as though religion. This was the wrong answer and the lecture doubled down on how wrong leftists are about everything and anything. In my current class there was a similar discussion blaming the system of universities for the problems of academics who are not successful at changing the world. The god damn system is what we should focus our hate upon, seemed like the message we were learning. I don’t think I convert anyone by pointing the blame on people instead of how wrong is the type of guitar or amplifier or thickness of the pick they use in concert. He said every socialist country assassinates members of the opposition. He shut me up pretty good with that. What could one possibly say to counter it?

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