cell life

I’m enjoying Bruce Lipton’s book about cellular life and being walked through the biology behind understanding genes, dna, rna, the genome project and especially like it when he writes that each cell is a sentient organism because they display learning, memory, anticipation, risk management, and other aspects of cognitive behavior. So, when you look in the mirror you are not viewing you but zillions of cells, a collection, a metropolis. I know where his book is headed, into an area that says genes are influenced by environment which isn’t the way things are accepted or taught. I’m wondering if I’ll understand how he explains it more in depth but so far so good. I’m anticipating this reading like the knowledge one acquires in music making or improvising with people. If they stink, you stink too and if they excel you excel too or the likelihood is increased in these directions differently than if you are alone without these influences. I don’t know what theories prove it but many know it.

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