holding hands

Bill, the student from Leemington, told me how much he’s learned from the course which was very nice to hear, said he rolled his eyes, in the first class, over all the stuff they would have to do. He wondered then how will this be learning, if we have to perform all the time and journal and write songs? I thought there should be a little more hand holding, he added. Plus you said you can’t teach anyone how to write. So, I wondered what’s the point of taking this class? Wish whoever green lights teaching more courses, like the ones I pitched months ago on improvisation and making videos for your songs, were standing with us right now, like Marshall McLuhan behind the Movie poster, so I could prove the value of experiential teaching and the excitement and learning it provides for all the Bills.

In the last assignment, about music business discrimination, two students wrote songs. Both were from a narrator pitying the circumstance of the objectification of people, which is fine, but next week there is a presentation on Randy Newman’s masterpiece, Sail Away. I hope it imparts the power of embodying a character’s point of view even if it makes the narrator look bad. That’s the risk he charted that knocks me out. Writing sometimes in the first person without sarcasm, just being evil and letting the listener be smart enough to understand the heightened drama. It runs the risk that some might think you just really hate short people. Can’t hold everyone’s hand.

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