hys unauthorized times

Anand asked me to do the music for his play and after I read it I thought if I was an actor I would like to play the main role. I’m a very bad actor. Anand said that’s a great reason to play the role. I said no, you don’t understand I’m not very good, I would only do it because I’m curious why I’m so bad. That’s terrific, you must do it! It’s your funeral I said. It was an great time and in a way, even before it started it was fun because Anand had that kind of sensibility, getting behind someone, supporting them just because the work resonated with them. Ian Stewart co-founder of the Rolling Stones, died maybe more than thirty years ago, and he wouldn’t play in any minor keys. How does one play with a musician who insists on avoiding certain chords but at the same time how cool is that, keeping someone in the group because of community and the pleasure enabling it.

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