A girl named Sue

I asked Susan, the student who wrote a song about the digestive track, what made her write it and she said she was thinking about the fact that she eats food and her body knows what to do with it. That it is amazing how we study the digestive track, or the nervous system, or neurological systems and conclude we know this or that and then try manipulating this or that to rescue ourselves or interrupt the progression of certain instances of disease, and it’s like we think we are smart but the fact is we didn’t create the digestive track in the first place. We are born into all of this but act as though we are superior or at least our consciousness does. We have no basis to make that conclusion except vanity or an unrealistic sense of self-importance. She said if we build a box and put a mouse in it, the mouse explores every crack and corner of each wall of the box and makes conclusions but the fact is the mouse didn’t build the wall, the digestive track is already superior to our self congratulating conscious mind. I nodded agreement and decided things should be the other way around, I should be studying with her.

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