reminds me of no other cauliflower

The Beatles were cathartic for me as a kid and have never not supplied me a lot of inspiration. Sometimes I had to hide it, which threw me for a major curveball by my early twenties, noticing trends behind me, rejecting anything Beatles. I didn’t understand it so well until I lived longer and realized the frequent right of passage for people to tear up what came before, especially if it was revered. There was so much hostility, sometimes. in certain places, that I learned to keep it quiet.

I wasn’t looking for the new Let It Be sessions on Spotify when I came upon them last week. I was only looking for one song from that record but I downloaded the whole thing, I did have a long drive to do, teaching in London, Ontario, twice a week. This new release contains a zillion versions of every song, contains a lot of talk in the studio, goofing around, different lyrics, different patterns to the songs already indelibly there in my DNA. I wasn’t prepared to be as freaked out as I was this morning driving to London, consuming a good portion of the whole smorgasbord.

The signature acoustic on Two Of Us was originally a different motif, not a dotted noted but straight. The floor toms and maracas in the third verse of Let It Be weren’t the first version. George is asking for help to complete the first line of Something and bemoans to everyone “something in the way she moves is like…I don’t know what to say” and John says “say is like a cauliflower, just spill out anything for now”, Octopuses Garden, a throwaway song to me, is premiered by Ringo as four lines, played just like 10 million people usually replicate Heart and Soul. I’m now way more interested in the song because they’re all laughing about the silliness, plus I like hearing Ringo play piano. And then Lennon forgets part of the lyric to Don’t Let Me Down and instead of starting over, sings unintelligent gibberish but keeps the emotion serious which is hilarious. And when McCartney yells “take it Bill” at first I forget one might call Billy, Bill, because Billy Preston was never anything other than Billy Preston in my mind. So many interviewers of past asked me about Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman & Garth Hudson. I never knew what they were on about, for me it’s never been about anything other than Billy Preston. I wondered if I was going to pull over and cry. Hoping for a traffic jam when I head home.

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