kol baseder

In Hebrew, kol baseder means everything is all right. I thought copasetic was a bastardization of kol baseder, it sounds similar and implies the same thing essentially. I looked it up, stems from a French term coupersetique which in turn stems from an Italian word, copacetti. I could still be correct since Hebrew is supposedly 3,000 years old but can’t prove it without Jeff Bezos. Need a wealthy patron to invent a time travel machine, then proving my theory should be a cinch, a few hundred years back in Italy. I made a soup with miso, rehydrated Chinese mushrooms, shirataki noodles, yuba, tofu & kim chee. Much from the large Asian grocery store that has a zillion things I never heard of. I stand in the aisle and stare, wondering about things I can’t pronounce that look so exotic. After many months I took the Yuba plunge. Worth it. The temptations have been keeping me company these last months, I’m under their spell, often playing the records, the videos and the gossip. So many tragedies in each individual member, exquisite voices and good looks. I wrote one song sort of about David Ruffin in December. The covid life has been very good for songwriting and learning pianistic things and walking, walking, walking. Another thing I know in Hebrew is olam gadol and olam katan. There was a time I read whatever Kabbalistic materials could be found at Prairie Sky General Store and read how there is a microcosm and a macrocosm. That everything in the big world also is mirrored in the smaller world. I enjoy noticing it since. Compared to the stars I’m a subatomic particle and compared to a cell in my liver, I’m the stars. How a band can go from playing the Hotel Isabella and later Massey Hall. How once inside the bigger machine, if you manage to not get spit out, you become part of that bigger world but you are no different than what you were a second ago from the smaller one. For every awesome artist on the cover of the magazines, there’s someone local, just as awesome whether or not people immediately see it, some do.

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