helen donnelly

They were doing this clown thing and it was about being vulgar or belligerent or it was about being unfriendly towards the audience and it was partly amazing and when I spoke with some of them at parties I learned there was a philosophy behind it and their training, even a critical social analysis that some embraced or spouted on about. That was sort of interesting but then by chance I saw Helen Donnelly and went to heaven in a breadbasket, I didn’t need an explanation. She was doing something altogether profound. I told about a million people, though that doesn’t mean a million people agreed with me or had the same experience, that’s how it is. I could tell them about Cecil Taylor or Diane Arbus, about Meredith Monk or Lina Wertmüller and they would not necessarily share my freak out. It’s personal when you’re uncontrollably blown away, it’s forever nurturing.

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