I organized a silent art auction for the Tranzac which will go online next week. We’re trying to raise 50k to complete the new bar in the Southern Cross lounge and then we should be ready for the world of live music again as we hope normalcy returns this year and covid is handled. My hope is that having an art auction might be a whole other group of reasons for people to consider donating to the cause because they get art out of it. I like curating. Just before covid started I booked the first of what I hoped would be a regular showing at the Tranzac. I’d love to get back to doing that. The artists in the auction are Soozi Schlanger, Donna Akrey, Casey McGlynn, Kurt Swinghammer, Neil Gertler, Ruth Lane, Rae Johnson, Ray Baillargeon, Andrew Rucklidge, Sam Ferrara, Al Runt, Riki Kuropatwa, Logan McNeil, Elaine Wiseman, Greg Denton, Matt James & Shelley Savor. Each has a music connection to the Tranzac either playing or audiencing or just like knowing it’s alive and well.

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