jamming with boaventura de sousa santos

Ernie Tollar wrote “We write academic papers about music … but it’s hard to find songs written about academic papers” and something about that had an echo for me. I annoyed a classmate last year who brought us examples of an academic writer they identified with. This writing made no sense to me, I’m sure it’s as deep and heavy as my classmate insisted it is, but I couldn’t make sense out of it. I didn’t think anyone else in the class did either. So I made haikus out of the text. It helped make the material understandable for me, some of my classmates liked it too, even the professor, who was familiar with the writer, said these haikus made amusing insights about the writing. The classmate who brought it up in the first place was insulted by my cutting and pasting, but that wasn’t my point. When I read the quote above from Ernie I realized that this was my point, to see if jamming with academia could be a thing.

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