I tried to get my daughter to eat salads by complaining. It’s a tried and true method of failure and after she turned her nose up enough times, I tried something else. Since she did like cucumbers and tomatoes, I just cut them up and put them in front of her. They disappeared. I reassured myself that was good enough. But then I tried complaining she should eat lettuce and she looked at me like I was canceling Halloween so I started putting lettuce into the same mix. Lo and behold, lettuce also disappeared and just to be sure I checked the garbage can. I’m having the exact same experience with arpeggios. I didn’t know how to do them and since I couldn’t figure it out I decided fuck it. This went on for many years but somebody somehow slipped in front of me when I wasn’t paying attention, and I started doing them slowly, for fun and listening to other people also doing them and it just morphed from there to being part of who I now am. I’m no big shot arpeggiating machine but I’m way more capable than ever, both ascending and descending. The moral is broken chords are good for you.

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