Yet Another Pitch

Via some fortunate circumstances I found myself writing to the head of a decent record company today. Not the first time I make my case for why it might be smart, good, useful, creative, excellent, forward thinking, rewarding, brilliant – to do business with me.

I have 13 records, I own them, I tour real good, I am a pro, I show up on time, I don’t extend my stay unless requested to, I sound check in about 3 seconds, say thank you. Guests on my records include some amazing musicians (Mark Hundevad, Wayne Cass) and some kinda famous people (Danny Lanois, Mary Margaret O’Hara) which will be another reason for the press to write about me (at least once) and did I mention there is more than one person who thinks I write pretty good songs? Did I mention my work is a wee bit unique for it’s multi-media aspect? Did I mention I would be pleased to tour with another artist on your roster so we could help each other and your label?

But I know, while I write this letter , which could change my career in one click from the president, and which likely would result in some profit both for myself and them¬† –¬† in all likelihood nothing will happen. I am a reality tv show called Music Career despite Rejection.