My Haggadah

I need to make an EmmaGoldman-NoamChomsky-NormanFinkelstein and BillyPreston inspired Haggadah. At Passover Jews reflect upon slavery, (outer or inner) and their relationship with God. We facilitate the big get together using a book called the Haggadah. The discussion of the enslavement of the Jews in Egypt leads to discussions about the Holocaust, pogroms, racism and a feeling of mutuality in Jews towards the history of other people unfairly suffering. Invariably during the reading of the Haggadah people will have other conversations (we have a genetic disposition – can’t control interrupting each other),  and the other conversations might touch on religion and politics. Rare for these conversations to shine critical lights on Israel re: modern day Israeli Palestinian conflict.  I would like my Haggadah to include discussing it. This is where Emma Goldman, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein come in.  For example we turn to page 46 where Rabbi Shalamus Chislofsky says “What asks Emma Goldman in the heady days of anarchist organizing?”. Please turn to page 30 where professor Norman Finkelstein speculates that there is a Holocaust industry afoot to silence Jews critical of expansionist policies in Israel. The other issue concerning my new Haggadah plans is addressing God. I’m not much of a God person, though I admit God surely exists given the unnatural talent of  Frederic Rzewski. The Haggadah imparts a perspective that God swooped down and saved the Jews. The same God that invented all and everything, for some reason, decided to act out this exchange where some of the things previously created, like the people called Egyptians, would suffer from their creator (God) until they let this other thing created (Jews) split from the scene. It isn’t a good spin on this thing we are calling God.  In my Haggadah a better solution is to make a youtube link of Billy Preston performing his multidimensional sermon at the concert for Bangladesh.