Acting 101

I was asked to audition for a film last week. I went to the audition. The director liked me called me back a second time, which will be tomorrow. Maybe I will get the part. Maybe not. What’s interesting is when Anand Rajaram asked me to compose music for his play in 2001 I read it and told him “If I was an actor I would love to play the lead role.” He said “Then you must!” I tried to dissuade him, I would only be curious to do it because I am so horrible at acting and I wonder why that is. ” A perfectly excellent reason, you’re in!” So I did it. I was horrible and remained clueless why I was so unable to do this thing but I observed from that experience Anand is a fantastic actor. Slowly it hit home with me one thing particularly different between Anand and myself. He was ok with looking dumb. Boooiiiiiinnnnggg! Why didn’t I see that before? There are probably many lessons in the world of being on stage. Making peace with looking stupid is huge. So I did the audition and didn’t mind looking stupid if it so happened…and she called me back.