Looking Backwards at How Much It Costs To Make Record


After you have the physical thing completed, mastered, and either in physical form or decidedly digital you need to promote it. The way to do it if you have some money is to use a publicist. They cost way too much for an ordinary person. $1000 – $3000 a month but they will get the copies to everyone and get it reviewed. They will make shit happen.They are connected. They professionally pretend to be friends with zillions of people and leverage those relationships.  How can this be you might ask? Don’t ask. It just is, always has been this way, always will be.

The way to do it if you don’t have any money is to acquire media lists. Lists of the magazines, blogs, websites, newspapers, radio stations, programs, tv programs etc. , then invent a pseudonym (and email account) send your physical copies or digital links to the entire media list. You have to follow up a couple weeks later, probably on the telephone pretending to be that person who mailed them your new music 2 weeks ago. Why? Because people generally don’t want to talk “business” with the actual “artist”. How can this be you might ask? Don’t ask. It just is, always has been this way, always will be.

You have to do a bunch more pretending now. Pretend you are interested in talking to the person you reach. Pretend you think they are interesting. Pretend whatever they say is brilliant and hilarious. Suggest you could set up an interview with the artist or set them up to  attend a performance or suggest they add a track to their radio station or giveaway a free download on Soundcloud via the media list person’s unique site. Basically pretend you are a publicist..at this point is it even pretending? Not a bad idea to add the word thespian to your cv around now.

At the same time you have to play – everywhere. Get a car. Get buddies, other artists to team up with and share expenses. Share the gas, share where you crash. Join Couchsurfing.org, learn about car maintenance. Try to do the shows out of town on the weekend while you slug away at a Mon – Fri job in town probably.

Have a website –  a  dot com of yourself and all the other sites that every other music person has, update them all the time. It has nothing to do with being any good at songwriting but it is necessary if you want to try your luck at this game. Don’t forget about the first thing which is being good at songwriting but that’s another story. This is just the backwards sequence of what it costs to make a record.

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