Are Music Producers A Scam or Members of a Secret Society?

What do producers get paid?

It is an invented economy. People charge what they want and what others are willing to pay. Maybe by the hour, by the day, by the project, by the reputation.

You should try a song or two with a producer first to see whether it seems like a good thing or not. Personally I’m interested in producers who are members of the illuminati. I thought a producer was a magician who should not leave the studio unless everyone feels a sense of magic and conspiracy going down.

I wrote Stevie Wonder in the 90s to see if I could get him to produce my third record with Warner Music Canada. I Paid the CNIB to translate my letter into braille but didn’t hear back from Mr. Wonder, (you would think he would have jumped at the opportunity). His masterpiece productions especially the mid 70s records – proof he was on the illuminati board of directors.

Tons call themselves producers but often they are just overseeing what an engineer is doing. That feels like a scam to this Wiseman. Better to use a great engineer only and save money. Is there a reason to pay a producer? Yes – to inspire (or write) amazing arrangements, to guide experimentation and to manage time for everyone’s benefit, to make sure the final mix is amazing and to be responsible for every detail. But if the person is just an engineer calling themselves a producer then your paying twice for the same service.

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