Best Moments of the George Harrison film by Martin Scorsese

The telegram he sent to Apple Records advising them to be cool with 30 Hells Angels who he once told to feel free to drop by Apple and who showed up one day and didn’t leave.


When EMI canceled their contract with Monty Python to make Life of Brian, (they were offended by the story), so George Harrison created Hand Made Films and produced it.


When he was dying, Ringo came to visit him. When later he explained he had to leave to get back to his daughter in hospital with a brain tumor in Boston, George asked if he wanted him to come along.


When an interviewer is trying to get him to talk dirt after Lennon’s death, interviewer tries to suggest ┬áLennon might have been an asshole, George says sure but he was also an angel.


Yoko explaining that George was catalyst for Revolution #9


Olivia talking about his end moments and the light in the room.

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  1. kyp

    i enjoyed: ‘i’ll play around as much as i want & if you don’t like it, move out of Friar Park & become a secretary again!’


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