Driving my daughter back from Taekwondo, her in the back seat looking through a colouring book, me noticing the Toronto drivers stopping traffic with small fender benders after a day […]

drake didn’t start from the bottom.   cher can’t turn back time.   the barenaked ladies have much more than a million dollars.    

I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg to study improvisational piano music/ playing with Casey in the early 80s. It was a big deal being 20 in a new city, getting […]

the computer age

In years past, the engineers at Metalworks always knocked me out when I could afford a recording session there. Their knowledge and talent and kindness were so impressive. Once in […]

Stan the head of A&R at Sony (known for his non sequiturs) threw his arm around the producer “are we going to go bowling one of these days or what? […]

There’s this thing in music software called a plug-in. It simulates physical objects like instruments or amplifiers and all the various physical studio effects reverb, delay, distortion. When you select […]

The brain unable to stop thinking after the body has gone to rest, that’s what the teacher said long ago. Awesome dreaming about relationships that never happen in the non-dream […]

Magic is a great joy. There are two card tricks I know. They are both impressive, never show anyone how to do it. Keeping secret is how magic works. Watched […]

There is an app my nieces and daughter and Magali all get a kick out of; I watched them play with at Christmas. Superimposes red lipstick on photos of faces […]