Overgrown ivy on the outside walls, now squirrel babies running around the attic. Awkward moving a 25 ft ladder by myself and cut 3 of my fingers deeply. Trying to […]

Director said “You read my mind. I don’t know how you did it but it’s perfect.” I could pat myself on the back but it’s so far from the truth. […]

Have to decide whether to try imitating the temp track, which they are attached to and which I don’t find good or make up things that amuse me which come […]

student went to their teacher, said i stink. i’m never going to get this right. i’m a horrible player. i’m an imposter. teacher said yes that’s all true. student was […]

In this one country they teach piano by calling attention to binary conditions, yes no, conservative liberal, male female, right wing left wing, day night and ultimately left hand right […]

On my way to teach in a neighbourhood I do not usually hang in, noticed in the distance a big sign for a piano store. Thought that was cool and […]

A 7 yr. old piano student told her teacher “It’s weird you call these black notes Eb but they’re in different parts of the piano. Why don’t you give each […]

the young whippersnapper played as fast as possible. the old pianist said where’s the fire? young whippersnapper said you never know when you’re going to die. maybe i’ve had it […]