10 Years Old

Even though he died at 59 Billy Preston starting playing pro way earlier than anyone else.

The Sideman

I found Nicky Hopkins playing piano on so many records in my record collection and when he died young in the 90s, I thought someone likely would make a film about […]

Believe In Sanity Clause?

Many contracts are made up of language that is harder to understand than an announcement on a TTC subway platform. Bob Snider once told me his manager, Shelly, was his shark […]

Grasshopper, not.

I had a meeting once when I was twenty something with a composer named Robert Mundinger and we spoke about scoring films which he did and which I wanted to […]

God Finds Cats

Been looking for a logo for my record label called –  God FInds Cats. Probably start with the release of Sam Larkin’s posthumously completed collection of 12 songs entitled The Secret […]

Message From Bodhisattva

While babysitting went to a yoga store to buy a special back massaging gizmo for my poor sore back and at the front of the store there we saw a […]