Verstehst Du Mich?

The Binder Specialists in Kiel playing I Row The Boat a song written a few years earlier before I quit Blue Rodeo. Some lyrics just come and you have no […]

Journey To Ixtlan

There is nothing as amazing as an amazing drummer.  Sometimes when I watch them I think I can do that, it’s just sticks and skins. But that’s like thinking I […]

Take The Survey

  Not sure if Jim Flaherty’s is trying to gather answers about financial priorities from ordinary Canadians or just the many millionaires who profit more under him and Harper. If […]

When I got home Thursday night I was told immediately by Magali that there is a mouse in our apartment. She heard it and the cat heard it near the […]

Currently it is a tough time for Meryn Cadell and help is on the way when people go here. And speaking about the Pope or as Meryn would say, the […]