Hard to believe but Corey apparently was so shaken up he forced this statement from his own lips “Never surrender is a lie!”  

Belle Michelle

From her blog April 30th, 2014 a social worker met with me yesterday to ostensibly discuss how i’m doing with the prognosis i’ve been given.. her first question was, “so, […]

  Love this. The James Bond theme written by Monty Norman was written earlier for an Indian Musical. Likewise Fortunella by Nino Rota written for Fellini was later re-purposed for […]

Favourites at Two

Favourite word  “Attach”. Also used to request something be unlocked. Favourite statement  “Close the door”. Sounds like coze-a-door. Favourite way to terminate  “All Done”. As in offering her broccoli she […]

My Good Books

I just got onto the highway following the usual annoying bumper to bumper sadness of Toronto before noticing the two Spring Green keys Tim gave me were not dangling on […]

Moves and Movies

Sometimes musicians who want to score films ask me how to get in. They need to meet producers and directors and make them aware of the work. During HotDocs those […]