More Orwell Proof

The security camera overhead in the elevator of the fancy building was annoying. Who wants to be videotaped picking their nose or cleaning food from their teeth? It’s just a […]

Saved By Methodology

One day in 1992 the job of composer for a CBC Television series was offered to me. The producer called because she liked this song What The Astronaught Noticed and […]

People sometimes talk about writer’s block as if it was a toothache but it isn’t a physical thing, it’s just a made up handle for not reaching the creative place […]

The piano is a mirror from G# and D. If you try to play it like that, note for note simultaneously left hand right hand, forwards backwards, harmony is trampelled […]

The crystal ball of email presented me two requests this week to make string arrangements which is a nice problem to have. I like to find within the song some […]

In an interview from the 80s with Keith Jarrett regarding electronic instruments he saidĀ “I just feel as though I’m in a room with a smoker”. That pretty well summed it […]

In Memorium

  This isĀ Giuseppina Pasqualino or (Pippa Bacca). A performance artist from Italy who in in March 2008 started a pilgrimage/ performance to hitchhike from Milan to Jerusalem – wearing a […]

The Knight Strikes At Midnight

Director Philippe de Broca and composer Georges Delerue, almost 50 years later The King Of Hearts still my favourite film and soundtrack. The marches and carnival compositions with beautiful semitone […]

The Stupidity Lifestyle

Should morons be allowed to hold public office? I think we should get scientists to evaluate whether morons choose to be morons or if possibly they are just born idiots. […]