Erratic Assassin

Interesting using the Wu Tang Clan Name Generator on some special people Stephen Harper = F-Reek Tony Clement = Tha Visible Choirboy Rona Ambrose = Curly-Haired Slacker Doug Ford = Erratic Assassin and […]

Not Worthy

There’s songs and then there’s songs. One of the students in my class is a guy who is into classical music and I understand his pleasure in finding pieces that […]

Logic Pro X

It’s the norm for software companies to reinvent their products with new releases but shit it means you have to lose hours or weeks and months solving basic problems because […]

The Moment It Could End

Was it 2008? Harper prorogued parliament (the first time) and everyone was freaking out. Jack Layton and Stephan Dion talked about a coalition and a rally happened at Nathan Phillips […]

Me and Sydney Poitier

It’s fun to teach, fun to rewind the tapes of your mind to a place before you knew whatever you think you now know and from there to try and […]

10 Years Old

Even though he died at 59 Billy Preston starting playing pro way earlier than anyone else.

The Sideman

I found Nicky Hopkins playing piano on so many records in my record collection and when he died young in the 90s, I thought someone likely would make a film about […]

Believe In Sanity Clause?

Many contracts are made up of language that is harder to understand than an announcement on a TTC subway platform. Bob Snider once told me his manager, Shelly, was his shark […]

Grasshopper, not.

I had a meeting once when I was twenty something with a composer named Robert Mundinger and we spoke about scoring films which he did and which I wanted to […]