An old friend suffers with depression is in an institution now. Hopefully, whatever the treatment is contains some music since she is a pianist and a violinist. Her partner doesn’t […]

“lia and amelia went to the shop and the only thing they bot was a little pot”   Lately worked a part time job in a school teaching songwriting to […]

I had a Van Morrison record, Saint Dominic’s Preview, and for years I loved the first song which referenced Jackie Wilson, a singer I didn’t know. Recently went on a […]

“Huawei used AI technology to complete Schubert’s unfinished symphony” that’s what the headline said. What it didn’t say was it is like a con if you believe they completed the […]

Sometimes she came upon a piano somewhere, alone or in concert and there was one note broken. No matter what she planned to play, the broken note always found a […]

Couple nights ago, 30 minutes after midnight, thought came to mind: check the pipes in the basement. Sure enough no water flowing from the taps. I opened them up, set […]

The mind has a mind of it’s own which includes the parts of you that think they are refereeing traffic but the game has no rules and whoever thinks they […]

How wrong I am most of the time about the minds of others. It’s like planning something for an audience, it might work as you imagine it but it might […]

Sometimes when cooking rice I heat the pot first without any water in it, I like how the first drips of water I eventually add instantly become steam. I use […]