I didn’t know Mary Margaret O’Hara very well when I asked her to sing on my first record ┬áin 1988 but I loved the way Greg Keelor described her to […]

The offices of Greenpeace were located at Trinity St. Paul’s church on Bloor street when I was 23 and worked there. And I went in after hours and played late […]

Heard a record one time with amazing piano. I checked the liner notes, the pianist was Jaki Byard. I hadn’t previously heard of him but could tell he was a […]

Uri Avnery article about 3 Israeli women is brilliant. “As long as we have youngsters like these, ready to stand up for democracy, peace and justice, take risks and make […]

le Freak

(Anna is on the right but interestingly I notice all four musicians are nail polish-less) I need to take change out of my pockets when I play piano. Even paper […]

I got a call in the early 90s from the head of A&R at Warner Music who would later dislike me forever after I wrote a critical article about what […]