Hospice Care

The most amazing part about the reports about still more CBC lay offs and broken programming is the lack of criticism of Harper who is behind it. His plan obvious […]

The Sting

Got this in my email this morning > from: Revenue Agency <servich@bell.ca> >Dear Taxpayer, >After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are >eligible […]

Forget The CN Tower

  Someone visiting Toronto asks me about places of note. I like these and the ghosts of the dead people who were there. After Emma Goldman died at 295 Vaughan […]

“I’m an NDP supporter but I’m so scared of the right wing assholes that I’m going to vote Liberal because they have a better chance of beating the right wing […]

Harper acts oblivious that he is made of the same stuff he ostensibly speaks out against. He spouts on about being anti-communist wanting to create a message that they ruined […]

There is this podcast by Freakonomics whiz Stephen Dubner and in this episode about thinking like a child, it is not surprising that magicians prefer playing to adults rather than […]

Our little 2 yr. old girl and her best friend, Eleanor, sliding in a play-space contraption at the park. It’s a big park tons of kids and many groovy things […]