Stands out in my mind as killer brilliant moment – that they played this just as they did in that other century, perhaps now more uniquely. Met Dave walking down […]

I have cat. I don’t want fleas. Been there. The veterinarians sell products that one applies to the cat’s coat, then it is absorbed into their bloodstream altering their coat […]

Doug McClement sent me a copy of the tracks. A whack of famous recordings but all I had my eyes on was Superstition. The separate tracks. The….Separate…..Tracks. Have spent a […]

  So I am going to bake a PZM into a cheescake. I want to do things with microphones that aren’t necessarily how people instruct you to use them. I […]

I lied twice to get out of jobs, both times it was too late, the job had started and I was employed to work on the project. The first time […]