The Visit (© sam larkin, november 3, 2006) One night three days into apples We had a visitor come When all lights were gone And with almost no sound Through […]

Echolocation 1984

This is from Echolocation a zine that circulated around Fat Alberts in 1984. I think there were only three issues or at least that’s all Meg Tennant could find when […]

Sometime 20 years ago my band the Binder Specialists played Canada Day in Winnipeg. The band was named after a used car which belonged to a company called The Binder […]

In my closets so many things over time recorded with different technologies from 1/4 tape, dat, Lcassette, 1/2 inch tape, 2 inch tape and vhs. Finally got around to transferring […]

Dear Lucifer Even though the lyrics to  Serpentne Fire, like everything by Earth Wind and Fire, make absolutely no sense*, I am willing to sign away my soul if you […]

From: To: Subject: RE: masked and raccooned Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 15:30:09 -0500 I tried Doctor Sam Larkin (with no spaces but didn’t find any Myspace). I […]

Astronaughts currently in space were repairing equipment last week as if was an oil change. Being in space more and more ordinary the way ships once were a radical spectacle […]

Imagine 15 years ago if it was indicated that in the future people would have plastic cards to access their bank account to pay for groceries or movies (cash anything) […]

Two Men of Courage Mandela and Vanunu by MAIREAD MAGUIRE Last week the World’s political leaders stood united in admiration at the Memorial service in South Africa to honour the […]