The thing about being a parent and trying to explain cops to a kid is a modern predicament. You would like to indicate to a tiny person that cops have […]

Hurt one of my ribs, a horrible pain that can’t be helped by Doctors, only time. Days or weeks afraid of coughing, laughing or lying down on the injured side. […]

“What’s it like to be a father?” “Good thing she looks like the mother?” “How old is she?” Regular comments after having a kid but the winner for weirdest is […]

The difference between my wife and I dressing our daughter, is that when I do it strangers say things like “what a nice little fellow” “who’s a good boy?”

Music of Banksy

There was a time when I felt big unique admiration for the Mahavishnu Orchestra, or Dory Previn or Otis Spann but nowadays I’m energized by this guy. Even made the […]

Brilliant freaky interview with Christopher Soghoian, expert computer scientist explaining who collects and utilizes your emails, your cellphone locations, credit cards and other data. Among the most interesting points are […]

German Method To Save The World

Very clever of the German people to record this medley which upon listening guarantees realistic opportunities for world peace and furthers global initiatives towards ending poverty, discrimination and a serious […]

Sometimes people approach me to score a film and explain how to write the music. Weird when they do that; probably they never before worked with a composer. It is […]