Zed Is Dead Baby

Recently I read about a company that wanted something similar to this song by Aphex Twin and they were paying about $20,000. That’s Mr. Aphex Twin below (obviously at the beach). I tried […]

And Got Myself A Steady Job

Next month I start teaching a course at Centennial College in songwriting and part of what I am organizing is a discussion about lyrics and why somethings are interesting and […]


Go swing Brush le dent Eww ya baby Sleeping Bunny Doe doe, ssshhhh, doe doe. More? Oh oh My no like        

Guest Post On Kapootie Preamps

by TOM ST. LOUIS re tweaking and all that….It’s cool that there are ways to fix things….but I never wanted to lose connection to that pre electricity world. Did Sonnyboy […]

Taking Pro Pills

I played on Ron Hawkins new album at a East Toronto recording studio today. I remember meeting him more than 20 years ago at the Free Times Cafe. The first […]

The Aha Moment

Driving a car in Winnipeg, down a back lane approaching a major street, slowly creep into the street, pedestrian is just about to cross the same intersection, they look at […]