Bob Wiseman

The Poverty Song

I first learned about Wilbur Sargunaraj from Anand Rajaram and later saw him perform at Anand’s wedding. Wilbur is the most first class of first class artists out there. CLICK […]

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band advertised their  4th record, on television late at night circa 1970 by making a commercial.  Click here to see. So many people love him […]

When in Rome

I found myself in Jeffs musical car when I was in Moncton last winter. Kelly Sue thanks.

Ray Manzarek Jr. died today (who knew he was Jr(?), but I just read his Wiki). All those journalists who would ask me about Garth Hudson or Rick Wakeman when […]

Spent all week mixing Jess Reimer’s new record. One thing to still figure out, should the solo in this song be pedal steel or guitar?

There is a marketing vehicle for musicians called Earbits. I started using it in December. Especially like the fact that  there aren’t a whack of advertisements polluting the pages where […]