Emma made an amazing redesign of In Her Dream. Next Theme and Variations will get the pro treatment (the Emma treatment). She is very inspiring. Recently played in New Jersey […]

Mindless Roadspeak

At Rime Wednesday and Thursday. The first night with Leah and the second with Fond of Tigers. Tom of old Toronto days was there as was Nola and Jason’s friends […]

who would expect to find these israeli’s here in nanaimo? the guy who owns the thursday camel and the woman with him who is getting her pilot’s license. i think […]

A composer was working on a score and outside his window traffic was blaring and construction was building. His client came to listen to how the work was proceeding and […]

Eventually people have to switch to composting toilets. We commit slow suicide pumping our sewage into lakes. Children of the future will not believe any of this happened. Sewage in […]

Many of my mother’s friends have died in recent years. I feel for her and the science fiction movie she now stars in. Who disappears next? Can’t remember ever being […]