I organized a silent art auction for the Tranzac which will go online next week. We’re trying to raise 50k to complete the new bar in the Southern Cross lounge […]

In Hebrew, kol baseder means everything is all right. I thought copasetic was a bastardization of kol baseder, it sounds similar and implies the same thing essentially. I looked it […]

They were doing this clown thing and it was about being vulgar or belligerent or it was about being unfriendly towards the audience and it was partly amazing and when […]

Last year, at the end of the course the teacher asked students to assign their own mark. I think the professor saw this as a demonstration of their anti-colonial pedagogy. […]

Supposed to play a piano concert on Jan 15th in Guelph and just like Blake Brooker from the One Yellow Rabbit theatre said 10 years ago, “I love deadlines”. True, […]

I wonder if the music business course I’m teaching next winter could incorporate discussions on capitalism and music business because it’s interesting how advertising sells things, including music. Like suddenly […]

Happy David Herschfield day, Jan 2. He died about fifteen years ago. Of childhood friends, his birthday was easiest to recall, the first of us each year to become older. […]

I walked out on a play one time, there was a historical component to the story that disturbed me. It feels good to leave something when you find it painful. […]

Hard to believe while the Beatles were doing Let It Be, in 1969 Motown recorded a solo David Ruffin at the height of his powers. Never released it until 13 […]