at the Y everyone is wearing a headset or else watching a tv on their treadmill. what is it about working out that makes people desire placing their mind elsewhere? […]

A teacher I had long ago who gave students many more insults than compliments once said something flattering about me while I was playing. He turned to Anne and pointed […]

after the furnace technician finished telling me the story of why he started body building (because his girlfriend dumped him) and how he is a vegetarian who only eats white […]

there was a guy who used to solo with his mouth wide open and his left foot kicking at the air and one time the bass player asked why he […]

there was a musician who hated me. i didn’t know it until one time outside the Cameron in the rain, we were both standing near the door staying dry and […]

Went to an Ethiopian restaurant and while ordering food thought about how many times certain things are right under your nose. At one time bop wasn’t considered music, hip hop […]

I saw a physiotherapist for a problem I assumed was arthritis and she said it was just from sleeping with a bad pillow. I wonder if the need to think […]

there was a guy who dreamed of writing a great piece of music. each day he woke up cursing the fact that he still had not written it. then he […]

Yesterday I was at a performance and heard a pianist playing with his foot depressed on the sustain pedal the whole time. If I was marking and the class was […]