A student wrote me to complain about another student who they thought was a threat to the class vibe and should be addressed. The student they complained about, presented a […]

I ate a kumquat for the first time at John Oswald’s house sometime in the 90s. A kumquat is like a miniature orange and the skin is just like any […]

In 2014, I did a tour through the Home Routes Agency based out of Winnipeg who have developed networks of house concerts through a few provinces but especially Manitoba. Being […]

Teaching her piano slowly or rather as quick as whenever she wants to do more, which is slowly. I love it when it amuses her. Playing by herself, making things […]

There was a certain dead fish eye look among the few people I knew who were heroin users. Brent was one, I didn’t put that together until he died from […]

This PhD business is supposedly four years. I’m not too far from finishing the first quarter. Time goes faster as you get closer to the cliff. Bet death is just […]

At the pedagogy workshop the guest speaker changed the spelling of her name so we could view it phonetically. Soo-Zan-Uh. She encouraged everyone else to rewrite their name. The teacher […]

In Winnipeg I once crossed the Donald street bridge from underneath. Late one night walked across the frozen Red River, all by myself. Nobody knew I would do this, including […]