While teaching piano to an eight year old, she chooses inefficient fingering despite careful slow demonstrations. One’s instincts are to show the learner the simplest route. Accordingly, find myself interrupting […]

For her last submission in the songwriting class Nadia sent in a song called shboom shboom and the teacher didn’t understand the lyrics. He wrote her about it and she […]

Threw out my back and can’t trace it to a unique incident, at least any other time I could recall lifting amplifiers or tyres or digging in a garden, something […]

I love Warren Zevon’s collected works and I knew he was friends with Stephen King but watching an interview with Stephen King made it clearer what they had in common. […]

Ten years later – touring the West coast and while playing the Hotel Utah in San Francisco, Elliot shows up. He had become a new age breath therapy guru. I […]

I noticed the online ratings of books by William S. Burroughs and chose to check out Queer which was not rated as high as Junkie and Naked Lunch. I have […]

Standing in line last week for a Covid test, in front of me one of the teachers from my daughter’s school, a woman who fluently speaks four languages. While waiting […]

I told Elliot, the tape didn’t do it for me. He was hurt but he also liked the fact I was telling him what I thought, he was already used […]

While listening to French versions of English songs, helping to better my French, I came upon one person that especially destroyed me, Marie Lafôret, who died in her eighties, in […]