Someone positioned to win a Polaris prize was talking to people at a xmas party about hating to be surprised. They said you should never edit something after its been […]

There is a great scene in the Kurosawa film Dersu Ursula when the soldiers are sitting around the fire with Dersu, who they only met hours before. He is an […]

It seems like you are in charge when you write music but I’m not sure because G, Eb and A already existed before you claimed your way of playing them […]

there is a little girl i teach once a week and it is very interesting that if i show her something that requires three fingers she will start the sequence […]

cheese left on trigger mouse knows biting it means death, damn it smells so good *** the shame that you feel is not worth dwelling upon you’ve been fooled again […]

Dear Steve, Thanks for writing me and letting me know you discovered my music on Bandcamp and would consider adding me to your radio network, music publishing catalogue and artist […]

Looking at Ted talks about the gut. They insinuate we have a second brain. That the gut might be controlling what we usually assume is the brain. What if the […]

On the radio, a solo electric guitar starts playing. This is the jazz radio station. I recognized the melody from somewhere but couldn’t remember. I like this position, audio recognition […]

I misread my calendar and went to the physiotherapy appointment a day early. They couldn’t find my appointment, then they realized I absolutely am at fault because Gus, the therapist, […]