I was in the car with my father driving in winter. It was nighttime we were on Wellington Crescent and turned left on Dorchetster when Psycho Killer came over the […]

I didn’t understand the lyrics to the song the young woman in the songwriting class submitted and so I asked. She said it was about the fact that everyone is […]

with these university gigs, i would like to pitch teaching improvisation in addition to teaching songwriting. the funny part is i don’t actually believe you can teach anybody other than […]

heard margaret atwood on cbc last night discussing her new book of poetry. at one point she asked the interviewer how old he was, 32 he answered. she said when […]

Favourite part of the conversation on CIUT this morning between two musicians talking politics was when the guest told the host he mostly listens to MSNBC and even though he […]

Django Reinhardt made 60 records in 4 years. That’s all I’m saying.

Yesterday’s class included an album presentation on K-Pop band EXO. I listened to the students convey a narrative about how hard it is for these young wannabe stars. They seemed […]

There’s this piece I started some weeks ago. It goes off often inside my head and I can’t recall how it got there. Happens throughout the day, this is a […]