Watched two films eerily similar in a way I can’t prove but so it is. One, a documentary about Estonia and their fight to detach themselves from the Soviet Union. […]

Amazed how often running with little sleep can go on but then again  seen so many trees or plants parched that were fine as long as eventually they drink. There […]

When me and Don and Hugh and Wayne made that record with Edie Brickell in the rehearsals and writing we would make a groove and it would feel good and […]

Missed my calling. Could have always been a reggae keyboard player. My older brother Ronnie taught me how to play the 2 and the 4 and the clavinet parts and […]

Q the time traveling trickster from Star Trek and Deep Space 9, Voyager etc. went back in time, and popped into Lenny Breau’s apartment who was nodding off at the […]

david’s birthday today. he died more than 10 years ago but i like remembering how proud he seemed when i wrote a song about him. in 2004  touring western canada […]

because whenever one has more or less mastered something with their instrument, it’s executed by the body without needing much of the head, like when you really know it you […]

For a long time cars have been useful places to check mixes of music I’m working on.  When my teenage friends turned 16 most of them tried to get their […]

Boris said to his piano teacher, Mrs. Schneider   Why is it you never say anything nice about my playing?   Mrs. Schneider replied, because the part of you that […]