In my dream last night, an older woman I know, was infirm in an old folks home, bedridden and I was seeing her for what we both knew would be […]

ran into a friend who is also doing a phd, he has many similar experiences on being an older student and whats peculiar about fellow students or teachers who embrace […]

Parents are amused that their kid wants a pink or orange mohawk and yet it isn’t so long ago that that was offensive, shocking or an insane thing to do. […]

There was a composer who believed the songs he wrote were a conversation between himself and an imaginary higher consciousness that sometimes found pleasure in the melodies. one student asked […]

Reading a bunch of books from the 19th century because this semester positions me as a teaching assistant, part of one’s contractual obligations when a PhD candidate, and I was […]

I wonder how the owner of the property know previously as Hugh’s Room feels since it is still for sale, the abandoned former performance space that hosted substantial mojo building […]

There is no end to the improvisation, born into it, die into it. Cinnamon sticks in the coffee grinder, better than buying powder, stays fluffy for many days after. My […]

The cashier at Nations was impressed with my groceries and asked if I knew the name of the seaweed. She told me her word for it but I can’t pronounce […]

I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for a student. Awkward situation because I didn’t think they were very accomplished. I asked the advice of other people who […]