most people who call me for lessons go for the buy five at once deal, because there is a discount. new student, hard to figure out whether i am of […]

When I was young I thought people older than me probably were much different but over and over it seems reality is that the kid you started out as, remains […]

In the cafeteria at the University, the cashier who I buy tea from each week, asked me “do you teach philosophy?” (must be the beard) I replied, “No, I teach […]

Only 5 classes left. Today’s presentation on Lauren Hill, should be good. Suggested other course ideas if they want me to return. Stravinsky, Sun Ra and Sonic youth: spot the […]

Of the submissions from the “write a bad song” assignment, most did creative interesting things. Some even said they learned something. One woman transformed an old curse from an exboyfriend […]

At an informal composers meeting people discussed the latest films they were working on and one guy said he was asked to score a science fiction feature about a planet […]

I checked out Talk To Transformer where artificial intelligence generates text. There are real beliefs that future writer jobs will be replaced with AI. You can test it – write […]

school bus didn’t show up this morning, i have car, took all the waiting kids to school, just enough room. they wanted the radio on. I turned on classical station. […]

I’ve watched some recent rallies for Bernie Sanders and it seems the drill is as soon as they say Bernie’s name, cue the John Lennon music “Power Two The People”. […]

During a student presentation on the White Album I was surprised by which 3 songs they focused on; Glass Onion, Don’t Pass Me By and Revolution #9. Sort of fascinating […]