student: How do you get the left hand to do something repetitive and fast and then play something altogether different with your right?   teacher: You take independence pills.   […]

most of the time, my head is on straight   most of the time, I’m strong enough not to hate   I don’t build up illusion ’till it makes me […]

Watched a father guilt trip his son in a music store. Wanted the kid to believe they can only become a musician if they follow their father’s ideas of what’s […]

it isn’t like they lean to left foot or right foot. each hop dual intention, one command. feels familiar maybe from improvisations. watching a starling hopping on the ground.

Early days in Toronto wishing there was a way to be a performing musician, prior to finding open stages which nurtured all that, I would drool over the places where […]

there was a kid who loved a certain artist, they cut pictures from magazines, taped them on the door to their room. knew the lyrics off by heart, even a […]

There is a little strip mall near where I live it has a 7-11, Pizza Nova, haircut place, Chiropractor and a Japanese restaurant. We ate sushi tonight and when my […]

At the conference there was a panel discussion about music & spiritual experiences. Someone raised their hand and relayed an experience about a certain piece of music in 1993, they […]

There was a guy maybe in California who recorded cricket sounds and slowed them down significantly. It sounded like human choral music. I heard it 2 or 3 years ago […]