There is a musician’s joke I’m fond of. How many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb? One hundred. 1 to do it and 99 to say […]

Got as call from a big company to score a movie. They spoke as though I was an interesting choice as composer. Then they asked if they could send me […]

At one point last night I was sitting on a doorstep with 4 people when a slender white cat steadfastly started climbing a tall tree. Everyone chimed in about how […]

Used to start my mornings at the end of high school listening to My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello. Didn’t remain a big fan as time went on but […]

young songwriting student played her new song that presumes there might not be god. said she is afraid to finish it, afraid of being judged negatively when people hear it. […]

My friend once said to me you can say anything in a song. For some reason it hit me suddenly that that is what makes it a superpower. It is […]

director: can you do that thing like tarantino? composer: like this? director: perfect. (next time) director: can you add something fellini-esque? composer: like this? director: perfect (next time) director: can […]

Talked with a lawyer about simplicity and complexity.  An artist has to have many irons in the fire, many grants, many prospective clients, jobs, collaborations because you don’t know what […]

My daughter invited 7 kids from down the street over to play tonight.  Girls between 7 and 10. They all went downstairs to her room and put on costumes. One […]

There are some unreal compilations on youtube of people at fairs riding the Slingshot which seems to propel people upwards at high velocities then allow substantial free fall. The amazing […]