Bob Wiseman

the very top of the piano often gets selected for that reason, not for it’s pitch. it hates that because it’s all about keeping its pitch. certain people pick up […]

Had no patience for as a kid, had no interest in the lyrics, just like most of my current students. Now the lyrics impress me as much as trying to […]

not too many years ago, teaching an ensemble but the college had over enrolment problems, at the last minute moved classes to a rehearsal space business. It was the first […]

There is a sign I noticed driving into London today, a sign for a head shop – the title of the store actually. Large posters of royalty in the windows, […]

Standing in the fluorescent, reeking-of-bleach-cafeteria, four women (two middle aged and two seniors) occupying all the positions behind the grill and cash register. The math on minimum wage and a […]

Student asked me for help because they have nothing to say in a song. Guess my job is explaining that this situation also is a song and they just said […]

Kale chips, salt, nutritional yeast. Left hand, G, perpetual peace Replay, loop, symmetrical tricks Apples, juiced, this blood sugar fix Driver, screams, pedestrian runs Protest, cops, tasers on stun Naming, […]

Part of driving a car in a big city is adjusting to endless hostility and selfishness. Surprising to catch a break at Bartlett and Davenport near rush hour the other […]

7 yr old boy surprised me by playing row row row your boat by ear. i surprised him by making a bass line for it. his sister surprised us both […]