Bob Wiseman

When Prince became a symbol I offered to be Prince. It was just a fax Don my Manager sent around, a Toronto joke. Soon I got a call from CNN. […]

There was a moment in the 90s when Joni Mitchell was celebrated in Saskatoon and before it was done the officials asked what should they do, in the education system […]

Had  one piano lesson one time with a woman from the former Soviet Union. I asked her about a technique I saw her do in concert. She answered by saying […]

I have one last paper to write, 20 pages waiting on professor to upload choices for the Marx class. This situation is moving at about 10 bpm. My daughter sleeping, […]

If you live long enough you see people have children and then those kids become adults and you might consider the difference between their child personality and their adult one. […]

Friend #1 told me years ago he was lost and on drugs. Scientology saved him and I should check it out.   Friend #2 told me years ago she was […]

His name is Lanny Petrushka. Always at the open stage in the 1980s at Fat Alberts, tinkering on the piano before the regulars arrived. Seemed not a pianist because the […]

There is a line of thought that says from within a system you can’t understand the system. Pretty sure things work like that. When I was dishwasher no matter how […]

Imperialism was discussed in the last class, how it follows the progression of capitalism. Lenin apparently said it designates a later stage of capitalism, the stage after the establishment of […]