Bob Wiseman

In France, almost one hundred years ago, there was a twenty-two year old named Hughes PanassiĆ©. He was passionate about the music he discovered – jazz. He published his music […]

I called my 90 something mother because it was the anniversary of her wedding, a date I liked ever since being a kid. My dad died 20 years ago and […]

All the Kanye, Busta Rhymes, Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Tierra Whack, Common and Mac Miller that’s been swimming around my playlist is mixing with what happens in my studio. […]

I asked Susan, the student who wrote a song about the digestive track, what made her write it and she said she was thinking about the fact that she eats […]

The recent album report was We’re Only In It For The Money by the Mothers of Invention. I’m so pleased when I learn new things about records I thought I […]

At one point while touring with Owen Pallett in 2006(?) we played the Mercury Lounge. It was sold out, it was exciting. I was the opener and during the first […]

Bill, the student from Leemington, told me how much he’s learned from the course which was very nice to hear, said he rolled his eyes, in the first class, over […]

They say his birth name was Ferdinand La Menthe but in 1938 he told Alan Lomax he changed his name to Morton because he didn’t want to be called “Frenchie”. […]

When I got the gig to play CB’s Gallery in New York in the early 90s, I asked my manager, Don, to come with me. Never imagined doing it all […]