Bob Wiseman

the thing that so amazing about improvising well, or about listening to good improvisers, is their capacity to remain there. to be in the space of heightened creativity without stopping […]

i bet stevie wonder makes a new record that blows everyone away using only the 70s equipment he made all those other incomparably amazing records with. i bet joe biden […]

Bumped into a friend while outside walking, talked about the current zombie apocalypse while keeping 6 feet between us. I annoyed her because I was cheery but I wasn’t trying […]

In the video interview with the cosmonaught who spent a year in space he said the thing he missed most was air. I was guessing his answer would be that […]

A student approached me for piano lessons then wanted songwriting help and now it has turned into me aiding her techno creations. I’m amused. Her first language isn’t English and […]

the mind works through conversation with itself sometimes with imaginary characters like the creator of the universe, like as if you are talking with god. my friend explained her embrace […]

Following the party, the bannister became loose and eventually gave way. This meant only one thing – toggle bolts. In theory, they seem so smart and strong but in practice […]

The art show comes down next week but in light of the virus perhaps we suspend the next show until after the zombie apocalypse, which reminds me I loved Shawn […]

Keep wanting to make time to for new songs and then it slips away between various other homework, housework, production work. jot the ideas for another day. the ghost of […]

In 1991, a Canadian fan living in Poland, organized three shows for me. Krak√≥w, Kazimierz Dolny and Warsaw. The Poles were in the midst of devaluing their money, removing three […]