Bob Wiseman

Recently at the Y a couple with 5 yr. old daughter loses their patience. They supply guilt trips when her shoes aren’t on right, “You see Charlene what happens? Doesn’t […]

While riding the Bathurst bus south from Wilson, a skinny weary looking woman with black hair got on and appeared to have uncontrollable hand and arm movements I thought perhaps […]

I’d like to pitch a radio show where me and a millennial play music to each other each week to try and blow the other away. Started making a pilot […]

She’s in grade 1 and often when I put her to sleep asks me to tell her something from when I was little. I told her tonight about the time […]

Was listening to an old episode of the BBC show desert island discs, Salmon Rushdie recorded in 1989 prior to the release of The Satanic Verses. At one point the […]

At the Queens Park rally against Doug Ford’s attacks on education, Magali made the best sign, a picture of a little girl with an apple on her head. (text) AIM […]

Basement Horseshoe club, 1980 something. I met a famous musician and he’s drunk. Sort of a mean self centred drunk. Three years later my manager puts us in a cab […]

student: I’m leaving the program, came to say goodbye.   teacher: Leaving? But there’s only three months left.   student: I need to do something else.   teacher: What are […]

The 40 something year old beginner piano student has a tough time coordinating both hands. I try to slow it all down and work on separate hands. Ask him to […]