Bob Wiseman

The old master Koto player was approached by a younger player who bragged about how many notes they they could play over the changes. The older player replied are you […]

Had to get police check in order to be a music teacher at the summer camp. When I went to pick it up, Bay and College, I noticed they also […]

I say why add the rebar to the concrete, it’ll set anyway, right? They say no. You need something for the cement to grip, they lose me. I don’t understand. […]

My daughter’s counsellor at camp is 18 and from Scotland. I made some smalltalk with her about one time when I played in Edinborough and Nick Lowe was in the […]

I missed watching the democratic debates but already see the mainstream media framing it as though Bernie and Elizabeth lost but a little research shows a very different interpretation of […]

At some point somebody showed me how to play 10ths on the piano, the very large stretch between pinky and thumb. Seemed impossible especially after I met Al Hershfield who […]

In a circle with 11 year olds going round stating each one’s name and favourite song, unsurprisingly I hear them say Old Town Road, Bohemian Rhapsody, Baby Shark and then […]

More time planning songwriting course for this fall at UWO. I know from past experiences, my love of song won’t be as infectious with currently popular will be. So we’ll […]

Sometimes people tune into the fact that all of us are positioned to experience the world as though we are the stars of a movie, a movie about us. Sometimes […]

Wondering about the state of people prior to language, what those minds were like since in our time it’s about ceaseless wording between the ears. Have heard it said our […]