Two or three updates ago some essential components ceased to work and I was in the middle of jobs that had to be finished. Would have ruined what other people […]

Last interview for my final project. Will transcribe it and then stare at all my data and hope magically it transforms itself into something worth a Masters. From behind, the man […]

There is a poster in the club, “If you download music you’re cheating a musician from their livelihood.” Lot of people think that is the main way musicians lose. It […]

The sadistic, remorseless, anti-social  king asked his 87th guitar teacher the same question as all the others. Why couldn’t he play barre chords since undoubtedly he was the best guitar […]

Jim Morrison yelling You Cannot Petition The Lord With Prayer or John and Yoko screaming each other’s name over 4 or 5 second vowels from their Wedding Album or the woman […]

There are many memorable passages in Gil Scott-Heron’s memoir The Last Holiday. I’m still thinking about one when he was touring with Stevie Wonder to rally and educate the public […]

I have arthritis, for a few years now, comes and goes. The rheumatologist at Women’s College Hospital is intriguing. I love the short appointments with her and all my questions […]

I had a Van Morrison record, Saint Dominic’s Preview, and for years I loved the first song which referenced Jackie Wilson, a singer I didn’t know. Recently went on a […]

“Huawei used AI technology to complete Schubert’s unfinished symphony” that’s what the headline said. What it didn’t say was it is like a con if you believe they completed the […]

The mind has a mind of it’s own which includes the parts of you that think they are refereeing traffic but the game has no rules and whoever thinks they […]