They say he was so talented that when he played music and started to sing, rocks would roll towards him just to be closer. When his love was killed by […]

When I lived in the middle of nowhere in the 1990s about 40 minutes from Hamilton I came into Danny Lanois’s orbit and asked if he would play on my […]

Played a show one time with a big-shot and it became apparent quickly if I followed their lead they were creative and pleased but if I took the lead they […]

At school you are expected each week to read much and understand it as well as if it was really compelling. Most students I become friends with admit to often […]

According to an unscientific student poll there are approximately 6 types of songs.   a/ I want to fuck you   b/ How can I get you to fuck me […]

When June Tyson took the stage at the Sun Ra concert in 1984. The concert was underway for about 15 minutes, slowly different members emerged and joined the improvisation which […]

A/ city licenses buskers   B/ penitentiary uses prisoner labour   C/ bands allow 1 member to profit from publishing money   D/ ticketmaster employing scalpers   How many on […]

The 4th Blue Rodeo show was in New York at CBGBs. I never played in a band before. The first shows were at the Rivoli and the Isabella Hotel where […]