I impress the tattoo’d barista every time I enter Hula Girl and talk about the music playing overhead. It is just coincidence that she often plays songs that I know […]

I had to look up indefatigable while reading a scholarly article for school. I look up many words all the time just to be absolutely certain I’m getting it right. […]

Many young musicians I’ve worked with in these song writing class, are trying to solve the problem of making a hit. They believe a hit means you are super rich […]

In December, I applied for a position teaching music at Ryerson University. I wish they would hurry up already and send the rejection letter.

A few years ago I got the idea to work with Canadians who needed help with English. I assumed since I’m a fluent speaker and since earlier in life I […]

I started listening to The Spaniels and instantly understood Frank Zappa’s teenage life. I liked the Del Vikings and I liked Frankie Lymon. The Ink Spots too but they’re much […]

In a recent lecture, the teacher in my class explained in order to be teachers you must be humble. Will I fail the class if I say that acting (which […]

My favourite space in the world is between waking up and remembering whether what I dreamt is true or not because until I get there, reality is absolutely not what […]

Chrissie worked a few years as a bartender at the Tranzac and her musical taste was more unusual than other people working here. African or electronic and very adventurous songs […]

One day in the gymnasium after dodge ball, the grade three class noticed the upright piano had not yet been wheeled back to the locked closet, so small Ari Muchnik […]