director: can you do that thing like tarantino? composer: like this? director: perfect. (next time) director: can you add something fellini-esque? composer: like this? director: perfect (next time) director: can […]

Talked with a lawyer about simplicity and complexity.  An artist has to have many irons in the fire, many grants, many prospective clients, jobs, collaborations because you don’t know what […]

My daughter invited 7 kids from down the street over to play tonight.  Girls between 7 and 10. They all went downstairs to her room and put on costumes. One […]

There are some unreal compilations on youtube of people at fairs riding the Slingshot which seems to propel people upwards at high velocities then allow substantial free fall. The amazing […]

Years ago I read in Billboard that Bob Dylan hired a 30 something guy named Jeff to be his manager. I wondered who this guy was and how he got […]

A few years ago I learned when orchestral players audition they do so behind a curtain. The hiring committee doesn’t know what they look like only the sound they generate. […]

Trump pardons people convicted of crimes – first critical voice in his head has him on the run. He’s trying to tell his opponents he controls the music. Lame. Lousy […]

There was a story in Zen or Sufi anthologies about a student who couldn’t understand what their teacher was talking about so they just imitated them and then something that […]

Now $80,000 worth of previous gear comes with $200 music software. Used to be you couldn’t afford to enter  studio, now the studio can be your bedroom or a rooftop, […]

Found a piece of paper someone left on the seat before me on the subway, a playlist. Took me a couple seconds to realize I almost met Jordan Peterson.   […]