The first school I went to was a Jewish school. I went from kindergarten until grade seven then told my parents I wanted to change to public school. Years later […]

watching a video of bird sounds and when they get to the barn owl the voice over narration prepares people and tells them it is a horrible sound. in fact […]

my brother is a trump supporter, he told me the other day he hopes bernie wins but not for the same reasons as me. he thinks it will be so […]

at music school in the early 80s laura smith didn’t fit in and she knew it was odd because she was a musician, connected to music in a way that […]

Guy in the sauna knows I’m a musician and confides in me, “I want to write a song about my problems.” “Good luck with that.” “I am a man who […]

student: when i hear music i think i’m hearing god.teacher: but how would you know what god sounds like? did you meet god before?student: i just think that’s his sound.teacher: […]

Shouldn’t something spontaneous not sound like it’s manufactured? The close up microphone on Michael Jackson’s deep breathing angst comes to mind. Those sounds, supposedly uncontrollable moments of vulnerability, but for […]

rare perpetratorthat realizes damage family history .listen to the oldthe details in their storiesyou can’t make this up.which war was the best?which one did the best killing?which songs do they sing? .what was […]

Saw the Joker. The score was awesome. Wonder how much was the director’s vision, how much was the composer’s? How much was them fighting about it or not? A lot […]

A guy woke up every day to the thoughts of hitting his chin. He cursed the thoughts and tried to go about his day but it followed him like a […]