sahara spracklin used to freak out a lot of people when she took the stage at fat alberts singing various songs always about relationship problems, (to put it nicely). she […]

i can buy pick buy one get second 50% off wrapping polka dot lego, mine mine mine. line up cash at free Elsa, he outgrew hot wheels, now who plays? […]

at the xmas show, an eight year old on stage was speaking into a microphone and it started to feedback. he froze not knowing what the feedback meant or what […]

When it was Mark’s turn to play a song that blew him away he played something by Aurora. He explained what was so unique about this song to him was […]

Last week I couldn’t resist, Warner Music seeks to fill an A&R position. I thought this is funny since I used to be an artist on Warner Music, but it […]

\often the logic in interviews with noam chomsky or cornell west fascinate me. there was one with dr. west in which he said his community often votes against their best […]

There was a gal who played the same song over and over all her life. She hated that song but she played it just the same, it was what her […]

When I walked into the sauna it smelled like eucalyptus and there was one guy sitting there with a small open glass vial. I said is that the reason for […]

joe, once told me the bass is the most important instrument in pop music. that made no sense to me, and at the same time amazed me. how could any […]