The server at the cafe looked like band material and I was right. “We just came off the road.” “Where did you go?” “We toured Western Canada and a little […]

once upon a time there was a chorus that said the same thing after each verse. the verses complained and got together to file a grievance. some thought the verses […]

The director told me she really likes the temp music she hired me to replace. She said “by all means please do anything you think of but I really really […]

A composer once told me when positioned before an instrument trying to write music you try something, then  decide to continue with that idea or else move in a different […]

At the airport there were two people operating a booth advertising the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. I took their flyer and they gave me a banana. Have to admire whoever directed […]

Jim Morrison yelling You Cannot Petition The Lord With Prayer or John and Yoko screaming each other’s name over 4 or 5 second vowels from their Wedding Album or the woman […]

There is a story out there that John Lennon got Harry Nilsson a 5 million dollar contract in the 70s by showing up and intimidating the RCA president. Everything is […]

This morning, the Inkspots came over the speakers while sitting in a cafe. The Inkspots have the craziest and most fantastic of signatures. One of them always sings the lyric […]

Nobody is right or wrong, taste is opinion and opinions change. That’s what is so awkward about writing music for a film or producing another artist’s music. Is it about […]