One day the notes in the song realized they were alive and living notes. Soon they started to study who had similar pitches and where they were located on the […]

I’ve seen all the Michael Holingsworth plays, I enjoy them immensely. One time I insulted an actor without realizing it at a little party for everyone upstairs after the performance […]

One time a classical music teacher asked for a lesson. They could technically execute whatever we discussed but they sounded like they were playing an exercise and disconnected from the […]

Went to a comedy show featuring 7 acts and liked one especially for self effacing jokes, seemed off the cuff. Following week I went again and same comic was on […]

Last year I was asked if I would meet a 12 yr. old in a Jewish family in The Annex who was looking to learn how to play something on […]

The piece I’m writing surprises me because I want to develop it quickly yet hours of practising are required in order to get it to a place where I can […]

Reading about Dialectical thinking in advance for the next York course, an introduction to Karl Marx’s writing. I like the fact that Marx thought about everything being everything, no disagreement […]

The older British guy in the photo store at Walmer and Bloor said when he was in college he used to watch Brian Jones at gigs. He isn’t bragging or […]