There is an assignment about discrimination in the music business and one student’s essay was essentially that it does not exist and you just have to work hard and have […]

Usually, I make the lunches. It’s the first thing I check when she comes home, feels a bit like reading a review for a show. There are five compartments in […]

Post Halloween. Today, after returning from school for an hour, I hear yet another candy unwrapping and turn around announcing that’s enough and she says you’re right, hide it from […]

One of the students presented a poem in the open stage. It was very long, like twelve verses. It was about the discrimination she experiences being Asian. My favourite stanza […]

Finished reading Lloyd Price’s autobiography Sumdumhonky. His accounts on the state of the world were very amazing whether living in America or Africa, establishing Little Richard or rescuing his parents, […]

Years ago in New Orleans for one week, mixing our record at Danny Lanois’s studio, I would walk three blocks to the health food store and strangers strolling past me […]

The students are starting to hand in their “write a bad song” assignment. Predictably there are people being out of tune or cacophonous and that’s cool, though sometimes someone knocks […]

Yesterday, a distant cousin of one cop, was allowed to sit on the jury that found the three White cops not guilty of killing a Black man in Georgia, tasered […]

I finished the book about A Tribe Called Quest by Hannif Abdurraquib. He sure is/was in love with ATCQ. Makes me think of things I have been in love with, […]

In a recent class, they started discussing ethics, which led to discussing the ethics of people determining what is ethical, which led to some addressing the fact that some were […]