Man walks into emergency asked for help because aliens are trying to control his thinking.   Doctor asks what they’re saying.   He says they’re telling him to use 12 […]

I had a 9 string guitar, a Framus, it was turquoise & brilliant. I lent it to someone, never could recall who. Thought it was a certain friend but when […]

Some beginners, especially kids, can’t remember the fingering solutions I try leading them through. Like it might be E F# G# and I want them to go THUMB INDEX MIDDLE […]

She frequently asks me for stories about when I was little. One time I told her about the cracks along the cement path between the street and front door of […]

Jon Stewart spoke up to ensure the 911 first responders still get taken care of. Then, because of the spotlight, they changed the law like a pack of cowards. Then […]

Car horns were developed to alert other people or animals that the car with the horn is present so look out, be careful. Over time it’s message expanded. More than […]

The weirdest thing happened, she found herself thinking she should make her work more understandable. Then she realized that that entailed abandoning what turned her on in the first place. […]

There was a songwriter who worried about forgetting their lyrics so much that when they got to the actual performance they had crippling stage fright and took the stage nervously. […]

Weirdest moment at the memorial was when an old singer took the stage and played a song that the dead guy’s band used to play. The lyrics made fun of […]

The first time I heard Hallelujah by L. Cohen I thought the lyric was about someone trying to get laid. Over the years it seems to have gained a second […]