when i’ve taught in toronto i could ask accomplished friends to come do Q&A with the students but not so easy now being based in London Ontario. insert light bulb. […]

you can discuss songwriting, inspect techniques, position people to write and perform and discuss their work or the works of others. but the work is them doing and them doing […]

i dreamt a video idea for a song of mine. i would like to put in a request with the universe for that to happen a few more times please.

The last album presentation in class, where three students explore the songwriting of one album and then enlighten the rest of us in a thirty minute presentation about what they […]

Almost 20 years ago a producer called me and asked if I could do him a huge favour. He was working with a director in France and she needed music […]

scanning between radio stations stuck on the expressway and a cover of big yellow taxi by joni mitchell comes on. i’ve heard it once or twice, it’s been on rotation […]

at first i thought the guy that cut me off in traffic so perfectly was an asshole. i didn’t see it coming but there he was paying great attention to […]

a lot of people believe there is some big cheese in control of everything. it is an understandable position, it spreads a lot of comfort to believe that’s the end […]

a musician i know suffers with depression. it makes me wonder how i don’t suffer with depression or at least how i am not immobilized by depressed thoughts like him. […]