Bob Wiseman

Probably there will not be another frost now, put the plants outside. News reports about the crazy weather but they always omit illuminating the relationship between pollution and capitalism, or […]

There was a draw at the battle of the bands so they issued a skill testing question to both teenage groups. “what comes first when you write a song, the […]

After releasing her 4th record, many critics noticed the same thing that Mona wrote the same songs, about her ex-boyfriends who didn’t appreciate her, over and over on each record.¬† […]

There was a church at Major and Bloor where myself and other pianists practised in one of two beautiful rooms for $1 an hour many years ago (hence price). One […]

There is a poster in the club, “If you download music you’re cheating a musician from their livelihood.” Lot of people think that is the main way musicians lose. It […]

I heard about an app where people partner up and watch you work on something, like your music or your writing or your cooking. They watch you do this in […]

The sadistic, remorseless, anti-social ¬†king asked his 87th guitar teacher the same question as all the others. Why couldn’t he play barre chords since undoubtedly he was the best guitar […]

After the Board mtg. I walked with Anand to his place then down College from Grace, it was about 9:45pm. I passed an expensive men’s clothing store and heard piano […]

A friend asked me one upon a time what I thought of her violin playing. I hate that question because I wasn’t blown away and I love this person, even […]