Bob Wiseman

My grandmother babysat me often and I liked being with her, listening to the same stories like showing up for her first job and the man in charge telling her […]

Love is a rose but you better not pick it It only grows when it’s on the vine. A handful of thorns and you’ll know you’ve missed it You lose […]

After Cleave explained that the click track was like having a friend with perfect time, I wandered outside to the lounge at McLear, formerly RCA studios which was formerly CHUM […]

Yesterday I was cutting through U of T in my snow boots and enjoyed looking at the outside design of Convocation Hall. Thought about some shows I’ve seen there over […]

When I first heard about click tracks I immediately thought it was a contest between people and machines and just as quickly I chose people – any drummer I admired […]

There was a drummer in demand for many projects who unfortunately polarized many when he spoke up. He said look at how ants die when they’re separated from the colony, […]

(overheard outside the rehearsal studio) You aren’t making any sense. It isn’t about sense if you are doing it right, no sir, not about sense but if you got it, […]

Because in the 90s we had to sneak across the border when touring, because the laws required us to prove we were not taking jobs away from Americans, because we […]

The trombone makes more sense to me than the trumpet. The trombone’s sounds go lower the more it is extended but when I watch trumpet players some sort of quantum […]