In my Marxist class I had to write a paper on Chapter 1 of Das Kapital and during this week of reading it became apparent that Marx, like most famous […]

“Your premise is flawed,” replied the old trumpeter who destroyed everyone each time she played, when the intern from Exclaim asked what was her secret, during the phoner interview .

The William Parker concert at the Guelph Jazz Festival Saturday morning was like discovering a new spice I plan to use in cooking. He played two pieces, great intensity. He […]

Fred, a songwriter booked by the Fab Acts Talent agency, played to audience sizes between 50 – 80. He was philosophical about the work when he did well or when […]

Outside the sauna at the Y last night heard two men try to outdo each other over who sold more records The Eagles or The Pink Floyd. English wasn’t their […]

Being back at University I notice professors often assigning their own work for students to read among works by other scholars. I respect them more for keeping their own work […]

Looking for an agent. Had some recent exchanges that were pointless, questions like “where do you see yourself in 3 years?” or “what were your sales like for 2015 – […]

Director and composer were struggling to make sense, things were not going well. She gave him a few scenes with temp music that the editor had added. He imitated the […]