mrs. zipursky: your paper is late. student: i know but haven’t you ever played with musicians that kept everyone waiting but we’re great musicians? mrs. zipursky: i have but they […]

Favourite thing learned in physics was the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. The tools used to measure subatomic particles alters their state which means every conclusion measured is inaccurate.  When in a […]

At Outro school they teach how to fade, how to add strings or turn a chorus into an anthem. The least popular course is taught by an old New York […]

In the 80s I was in England a few times with Blue Rodeo and spent the afternoons sight seeing, trying to find healthier food and checking out museums. At one […]

Someone asked where I’m at with my piano and I realized the answer is more about where I’m at with my brain. What interests me most stems from thoughts about […]

I woke up the other day with Island Girl by Elton John stuck in my head. Have no idea who arranged this punishment. Best not to think too much about […]

I am positioned these days to endure much pop radio since my associate in the back, the one occupying the child-seat, directs the radio preferences. I found it hard to […]