working on my final paper for my masters. the hardest part is trying to fit in with the language of academia which is not the language i speak nor the […]

i had a poem about record industry executive which i told for a number of years and part of the text was indicating his salary was 75 thousand dollars a […]

I had a day off one time in the 90s touring Germany, I was alone on the Reeperbahn, outside Grosse Freiheit, on the marquee: tonight Fela Kuti. I didn’t know […]

student sent me their song to check and it reminded me of j.j. cale’s naturally (the raccoon cover) i put it on for old times. one of those records with […]

Sometimes you can listen to the sounds of everything all around you as if it is a song. Sometimes you could also hear yourself, the speaking to yourself about yourself, […]

There is a special space offered in songs when everyone pauses and reconsiders this experience; the solo. It’s a different space, a new zone where if there was a trapeze, […]

when i’ve taught in toronto i could ask accomplished friends to come do Q&A with the students but not so easy now being based in London Ontario. insert light bulb. […]

you can discuss songwriting, inspect techniques, position people to write and perform and discuss their work or the works of others. but the work is them doing and them doing […]