The Crying Game

Even though Trump is president and even though all over the world, (all over history) there have been people managing things who shouldn’t, sometimes people who really are good at something get a shot. A few songs placed in movies effect me like that. The Crying Game on so many levels marks of excellence and that song so enduring. I wonder how it came to be used as the title of the film and as a metaphor for the story of the film.

There are so many good things online allover but radio stations are not designed for free thinking adventurous music lovers. Amazing how stale radio music mostly is. Whoever selects what gets played has an agenda. And it is never hey everybody listen to this amazing shit.
In Germany opening for Bob Neuwirth we had one memorable conversation I asked him about his tour managing years with Bob Dylan. He told me when Like A Rolling Stone came out that the radio stations didn’t know what to do with it because it was longer than what their usual but they had no choice but to play it because of the place Dylan occupied then in popular culture. I said I’ve never lived in a time where radio stations were held hostage it must have been exciting. He said Live long enough you’ll see it come around again. Still waiting.

frosh week

One time at the University of Toronto during Frosh week I watched the lead singer stage dive but first he warned them what he was going to do. At the critical moment whole drunk college crowd parted and he crashed to the ground. He got hurt and crawled back onto the stage like a sequence out of the coyote and roadrunner and then he cussed out the audience. Then maybe we played Outskirts or Diamond Mine. I remember performing the songs less than certain beautiful in-between parts.