A policeman one time many years ago asked me for my autograph. He was a Blue Rodeo fan and we had become well known then. He was in the middle […]

New batch, green and purple bonus caraway. Divided into three, plan on giving 1 or 2 away to some unsuspecting friend. Amazing sauerkraut, could give one of these babies to […]

Between everything else each week I make room to teach 5 people. Three adults who are probable pop stars (just wait you can say you read it here), and two […]

I need an academic question to seal the deal for everyone that will be judging it. Marx says capitalism requires unemployment, a critical mass willing to be exploited, waiting in […]

I watched Dan, an 18 yr. old singer songwriter explain to the audience that the next song he was about to sing was by so and so who went to […]

Met with one of my professors and asked him if I could take the 20 page assignment and do it in song or poetry instead. He was very excited about […]

After being rejected four times by CBC for podcast ideasĀ  maybe time I try my luck selling real estate and get a business card with my picture smiling about your […]

They say he was so talented that when he played music and started to sing, rocks would roll towards him just to be closer. When his love was killed by […]

When I lived in the middle of nowhere in the 1990s about 40 minutes from Hamilton I came into Danny Lanois’s orbit and asked if he would play on my […]