Producing a record for a talented former student who happens to work at little restaurant called McDonalds. So far the songs she has written are about her heart and relationships […]

Reading Bad Singer by Tim Falconer. The issue of being tone deaf always confused me, my suspicion was that it is a psychological thing but his book makes me rethink […]

Crazy right wing family friend started explaining to me what great guys Doug Ford and Brad Wall are. I didn’t comment on cue when he left space for me to […]

I usually don’t teach kids but I agreed recently. When the lesson started I asked what songs they liked and once they fessed up about something I could find on […]

I’m looking for more work so sent out some resumés. While re-reading one of them (that went out a week ago), realized typos were present like “media rats toring grant”. […]

Directors give you clues but you have to constantly try to decode what they mean. Also they don’t necessarily know what they mean. Isn’t that great.   The hardest part […]

At an open stage on Monday, I heard a musician play some adventurous and nicely designed music he created on his iPad. He utilized portamento and glissando features which distinguished […]

Yesterday I counted 5 entitled morons blasting music at arena volume from slow moving oversized cars. 4 hip hop 1 metal. Maybe it is the aggressive thing in the music […]