Most of my life I liked knowing that as a man there wouldn’t be a child coming through my body. The idea seemed way too painful. One day a woman I know said something about how cathartic childbirth was and now she didn’t fear death.
Pardon me? What do you mean? I asked very seriously since fearing death was right up there among my favourite things to do. She said giving birth was, for her, like dying. She anticipated her actual death will be exhilarating as a result. That is the word she used, exhilarating.
It occurred to me for the first time nature might set things up like that. Maybe many women have an experience with childbirth altering their state of mind forever also about dying. I was envious.

fridge magnet man

Thinking on the children of my friend died in a car accident and my fantasy of knowing them when their old enough to appreciate me gushing about how much he meant and telling them stories, wanting to convey his sense of humour and intelligence and specialness. In that moment I might bring him back to life or so goes my fantasy but thinking harder it isn’t likely. Plus they moved to California. Might try to write a song about it, perchance in song the goals are achieved. A super power. DC comics needs to explore “Making Stuff Man” a super hero who makes song and fridge magnets.

Listening to Kenny G

People talk about their birthright as though to declare you are paleo or a blue bombers fan or someone who drives a prius is your birthright. Others would say the birthright is just needing to eat, to sleep, to have sex. Conditions often look like Alvy Singer’s response to Annie Hall’s brother  “excuse me Dwayne I’m due back on Earth”. The thing about art is there is no objective measurement of good and bad. Everything is good or bad to someone and neither conclusion is wrong.