5 billion light years from Earth. The latest star, farthest ever seen, is apparently that far away. Yesterday showing niece how to play that horrible 1-6-4-5- song on the piano. […]

I played a piano song at the Tranzac open stage. People applauded. Asked did I play too much (because usually people do 2 songs but I might have played too […]

Went to the cafe to do some writing. The owner asked me about the strike at York. She said horrible how the world is changing and people are out of […]

There is a great moment in John Lennon’s song Revolution, the slower version, where he sings “but when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me […]

Leonard Cohen said one of the best things I ever heard a dying man say. “I hope it isn’t too painful”. That’s about right. Dan died, Dan who’s surname as […]

I met an older guy on the subway platform last fall, I thought he looked like a professor I heard of at York. I asked him but he wasn’t. We […]

Once upon a time, Amnesty International had a songwriting contest, I sent in a song with a metaphor about pirates, I lost to Bryan Adams. A few years ago Dan […]

Watched music videos of artists I never saw as young people which led to viewing Lowell George who I never got into, which led to discovering he played on Harry […]

It is warming up. Only so many weeks before there will be out of control grape vine growth, now is the annual time to wonder if I can get it […]