my only friend the end

Did Bach walk around
patting himself on the back for what a genius he was or
did he think about the next mad puzzle
to engage himself with?
Does one ever arrive at
the mountain top or just continually
recognize higher elevations? What does it mean
for ideas of the mountaintop?
The space we make for imagination is unlike the
space we actually live inside.


(to the drummer) How do you do that?
I can’t tell you.
Why not?
Because you wouldn’t believe me.
Try me.
Better to stay silent about what you know, like you’re growing a plant and talking about it is pulling it out of the soil to show people proof that there’s roots. Then you killed it.
I see. Well, what you did is incredible.
It isn’t me.
It looked like you.
I just turn the key in the ignition but I’m not responsible for the belts and pistons. That’s what you want to know about, truth is it isn’t me.
Is that what you didn’t think I would believe.
We’ve said too much.
Tell me more.
I don’t want to be taken away by men in white coats.
What men in white coats?
The ones I’ll see if I talk about it, certain things you don’t talk about when you want to preserve it.

questionnaire fail

name one song that affected you in terms of relationships: Happy Together (Zappa Version)

name one song that got you interested in a culture you weren’t familiar with: Planet Claire (B52s)

name one song that is a guilty pleasure: Try (Blue Rodeo)  – the original ska version

name one song that affected you politically:  Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)

name one song returns you to childhood: WIndy  (the Association)