animal improvisors

Animals are already in that space improvisors are trying to sniff out. They’re paying attention to every second, already living it. I used to think it was valuable to try seeing how long can I keep my consciousness tuned into the present like each step while walking, or each breath. People can’t maintain that very long but animals already live there. They are showing the way all the time.

the bus

5 and 6 year old kids, already on the bus,  return my look with stone expressions, in the mornings when I walk my daughter to the bus. I make a contest out if it but they don’t blink. Adults would never do this without looking away or getting hostile but for these guys I am just another bush or fence. I like this more than a good play, I’m left wondering if I’m the audience or an actor.


The woman ahead of me at the 24 hr Sobey’s had a $424.24 total. I was amazed. I asked the cashier after if that was exceptional oh no she said. Over $500 is exceptional, need to call the manager to approve that. Overhead speakers playing Deodato’s 2001 Space Odyssey, I thought that was exceptional. Next person after me, recognizing 2001 theme starts explaining the ape scene to his girlfriend, the dramatic confrontation between different groups fighting for position. How the introduction of a weapon establishes power and dominance (not to mention murder). He wants to discuss whether the apes were real apes or actors. I want to call the manager to approve exceptional dumbness.