latest song wrote about rotten event witnessed on tour years ago.   latest film Herzog’s interview with Gorbachev.   latest music daughter requests, whatever is compressed loudest when radio dial […]

On father’s day I got  football. I miss playing football and not long ago was explaining what distinguishes the shape of a football to my daughter. I played all the […]

Two or three updates ago some essential components ceased to work and I was in the middle of jobs that had to be finished. Would have ruined what other people […]

“Spiderman Spiderman, does whatever a spider can” never did much for me songwriting wise but there is so much to smile about every time they get to “Is he strong? […]

Older piano student, beginner, working on Take 5 two weeks ago. Played it back to me today but in 8. Pretty sure I also unwittingly played it in 8 when […]

A film released in 2018, now on Youtube. Two middle aged guys talk to Ornette Coleman in his apartment. They are visiting a master musician near the end of his […]

A flock of birds is overhead. A piano teacher who looks like Meryl Streep and three students who look like the Thompson Twins sit in High Park having a picnic […]

There was this one record company whose A&R department’s motto was “cacophony forever”. Supposedly this was closer to perfection than live off the floor.

Last interview for my final project. Will transcribe it and then stare at all my data and hope magically it transforms itself into something worth a Masters. From behind, the man […]

I came upon a lecture that discussed how people think the same thoughts perpetually. All day, all week, maybe in different orders but still the same thoughts, whole lifetimes like […]