My father and many of his friends thought financial success meant you were smart. They would call a rich person a really smart person. I didn’t see that. We could […]

Freddy Stone asked the young man what he thought his job was when he took the on stage. Young guy said to think about the audience, “being concerned about what […]

A student in the songwriting class waited after the class ended and everyone left, then asked me if I thought he would make it in music. Said I have no […]

Occasionally I remember to click on Golf Digest, Steak World, Lithuania Today, How to Teach Science, Learn Japanese, Best Strudel Recipes – ¬†altering the algorithm of advertisements that come my […]

Tonight the anniversary of John Lennon’s life ending from gunshot. What a sad confusing night that was. I remember hearing it on the news when he was still in hospital. […]

From among a few subjects I decided on gender and capitalism for my final Marx paper. . The requirements were to suck up 10 articles and spit back who says […]

Writing a new piece avoiding playing previous patterns. ¬†As days pass the unfamiliar becomes less confusing. The new ideas moves into instinct. Slowly, the need to think through each finger’s […]

There was a singing sound, a low frequency seemed like an Eddie Vedder machine. In a moment the subway started moving and looking up the sound source was a strong […]