viewing a tutorial about lydian modes. guy talked about hollywood composers inclination to utilize this, then played an excerpt of beethoven doing it. next he says beethoven is using the […]

submitted application to environmental studies and the institute for improvisational studies. one more to go, performance studies. that requires a different write up not just piano or music but the […]

i worked in social services when i was young and the group home got tickets donated to us for the the jackson family victory tour. myself and one other staff […]

different men in the sauna today talking about neil peart. loud guy says he was the best. skinny says they never liked rush but agree they are great musicians. tattoo […]

Been wanting to curate some artworks at the Tranzac for a long time, we could do better. So I drove to Windsor, there was not too much snow but enough […]

the conductor was disappointed each time the 3rd movement started because the percussionist played so loud. he told him a hundred times but the percussionist had short term memory problems. […]

graham kennedysteve smithkim brombergted triebnerjohn mannron kirbyson nobody knows what’s going on with life and death, why are we here, why do we die etc. and on top of it […]

The thing about great songwriting or great compositions is you don’t see the changes coming, they are surprising, you might expect to to go one way but it goes elsewhere […]

There’s this space one gets into writing music where you might not necessarily execute the idea even though you understand what you want to do. One tries different ways of […]

Turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, maple syrup, oat milk hot drink, again. I make a decent anti-inflammatory concoction. Daughter laughs from the other room at a video, turns out someone’s butt is […]