Said George who was studying under the famous trumpeter, my dream is to be a great player and then I will finally be happy.   The teacher didn’t respond. George […]

Most film scores have a range of music, a palette the composer paints with. But there is a film called The 10th Victim from the 1960s in Italy and the […]

Bought the record because of an interest in Herbie Mann but discovered Cissy Houston. And when Whitney Houston’s career took off and people ooo’d and awwww’d over her technique and […]

the moment in Beto O’Rourke interview on msnbc answering questions about not using polls and relying on his instincts instead. summed up his position “not needing a weather man to […]

The writers are dead, there is no longer any authority on how to play it. But whole societies organize conclaves to decide correct interpretations for Bach or Chopin. In class we […]

heard an old song i never liked play today and tried to ignore it but unsurprisingly caught myself singing it. was asked in email about old songs but couldn’t see […]

D#  was dreaming all the time, longed to be E, just a little sharper. Woke up each day wondering if today was the day,  went to bed each night regretting it […]

I was having coffee with a professor to discuss working together on my thesis which now I think unlikely, we didn’t have enough in common. At one point we discussed […]

in the meeting I was in someone had the champs doing tequila when their phone rang. this version on her phone skipped the intro, started with the saxophone commanding everyone’s […]