There is a great moment in John Lennon’s song Revolution, the slower version, where he sings “but when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out .. in”.
Both “you can count me out” & “you can count me in”. It’s changeable. I like inserting duality there. Had not made up his mind or maybe his conclusion was both. All the more surreal it traveled so widely.

dan from UIC

Leonard Cohen said one of the best things I ever heard a dying man say. “I hope it isn’t too painful”. That’s about right. Dan died, Dan who’s surname as far as most were concerned was, from UIC. Dan from UIC died, yesterday. I hope it wasn’t too painful.

dentist fills

I met an older guy on the subway platform last fall, I thought he looked like a professor I heard of at York. I asked him but he wasn’t. We started a conversation, he told me he was a retired musician which led to a discussion about what he played, drums. Each name I dropped he had had meaningful relationships with much earlier than most people I know. Herbie Spanier, Freddie Stone, Jim Blakley. He had a lot of details about the 70s and 80s for each of those people and he played in the Toronto symphony. By the end of our shared subway ride he gave me his card, he’s a dentist at Yonge and Lawrence. I was amused, he is probably a very successful dentist but still answers to a stranger that he is a musician, albeit a retired one.