It is a chicken and egg sorta deal, the melody or the voice. Sometimes I feel like Girl From Ipanema is a drug and I’m on it.

at the tranzac auction to raise money to soundproof the place i offered an item – a horrible string arrangement of your song. Bids started at $25 and it sold […]

At the end of the term when they had a public performance. His mother was one of the only parents who attended. I acknowledged his talent and made a joke […]

Nice to see Sarah McElcheran, commenting (2 posts earlier) about her performance on All The Trees. She recalled I recorded her while she was practising which was good enough for […]

The best moment was everyone singing the background response “if I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars” and then someone […]

I played accordion on If I Had A Million Dollars. It was a fun session and there were a bunch of us singing background vocals. It is amusing when I’m […]

Currently scoring a short film with interesting actors and a story line that isn’t quite clear or rather one of the main characters isn’t clear about who he is and […]

Last week I went to the open stage called R.I.S.E. in Scarborough for the 2cnd time. Unlike the other open stages I know, R.I.S.E. is predominantly hip hop youth, community […]

While driving back from Stratford, Eye of The Tiger came on the radio and it occurred to me I never before heard the entire song. It was as unredeemable as […]