Yesterday I was at a performance and heard a pianist playing with his foot depressed on the sustain pedal the whole time. If I was marking and the class was […]

ghost: what did you expect?   writer: this.   ghost: exactly.   writer: at least one can hide irrelevant comments.   ghost: exactly.   writer: it triggers people.   ghost: […]

There was a guy who was very resentful when the band he was in hired a producer for their album. They never worked with a producer before. His position was […]

musician: You mean when I signed this contract I gave them the right to use any of the music I wrote for any future project without paying me anything?   […]

lawyer: He just said he wouldn’t.   shelly: But it’s protocol, it’s in every-   lawyer: I know, I know.   shelly: What an asshole.   lawyer: I know, I […]

lawyer: We received your contract and it all looks good except your signature is missing from the non-disclosure agreement. musician: I didn’t forget, just rather not. lawyer: Pardon me? musician: […]

There are many memorable passages in Gil Scott-Heron’s memoir The Last Holiday. I’m still thinking about one when he was touring with Stevie Wonder to rally and educate the public […]

My grandmother babysat me often and I liked being with her, listening to the same stories like showing up for her first job and the man in charge telling her […]