I lied twice to get out of jobs, both times it was too late, the job had started and I was employed to work on the project. The first time […]

Where will David Ridgen find a suitable composer for his spooky feature debut? I know where.

In 2011 Mimi Ursa applied for an Ontario Arts Council grant and was turned down then decided she would make the record anyway. She had one story in particular that […]

Roll Over Berlusconi

Eugene Chadbourne is many things but protest singer songwriter isn’t the first thing people think of. Most know him for the velocity of his guitar playing, I asked him once […]

Polaris Prize Long List

So I didn’t make the Polaris long list but could any of those fuckers convincingly play the role of a karaoke bartender?   Click here to view Versus Valerie


a sociopath who doesn’t give a shit about creating pain and hardship

Sam Larkin's Song

On my record Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying I cover the song Children At Play by Sam Larkin (famous for his love of  blending steel workers). It is listed […]